Americans spend nearly $500 million on pet costumes

Americans spend a lot of money on dressing their furry family members

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The family dog ​​or designated purring machine are considered members of the family by most who love and cherish them, and nowhere is this more evident than in the recently revealed fact that owners of animals spend an estimated $490 million dressing them up for Halloween.

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Whether you’re swaddling an orange tabby in a Puss in Boots costume or having your hound do the prison rock in a prison jumpsuit, pet costumes have become a social media sensation. Cute selfies featuring these perfect pets are basically a fountain of likes, loves, and heart reactions, so of course their loving owners are taking advantage of the situation. And the stats seem to be consistent – ​​according to the National Retail Foundation (NRF), 17% of pet owners will force their fur babies into a Halloween outfit this year. That’s up from the 12% of owners who did almost a decade ago, in 2009.

But the good news (especially for pet stores and pop-up Halloween stores) doesn’t end there, as Katie Jordan, NRF’s Head of Research and Industry Insights, details on the NRF Blog.

“Spending on Pet Costumes Continues to Rise: This year, total planned spending on Pet Costumes is $490 million, more than double what we saw in 2010. Curious how these adorable animals will be dressed? The best pet costumes this year include pumpkins, hot dogs, and superheroes, because every pet is a superhero in its owner’s heart.

While pumpkins, stage franks and cape and cowl sets may take the top three spots in terms of this year’s most popular pet costumes, other interesting contenders complete the top 10 list – it turns out that Americans like to dress up and raise their animals like other animals. Buzzing Bumblebees, Silent Sharks and Little Lions are expected to appear in large numbers this year, with more traditional Devil and Witch costumes also making the cut.

Funnily enough, the cat and the dog are also on this top 10 list, which makes us wonder if people are considering dressing their cat as a dog – and vice versa – or rather not dressing their pets at all. company, taking the lazy route.

Hopefully this show of love and affection for the Halloween season, man’s best friend and mister whistles a lot comes from a genuine place. As the addiction to social media sharing continues to grip the nation, many doubt the sincerity of those who use these platforms to share creepy selfies.

Following the Benjamins is an age-old American tradition, but if your furry four-legged friend is struggling after about five minutes in their store-bought costume, it might be time to reconsider your priorities. Well, after you and your family laugh about it, maybe.

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