Aldi is launching a mega collection of pet accessories tomorrow

Our pets really deserve a lot more credit these days. They have been there for us day in and day out for the past year and a half as we battled this pandemic and times of isolation, always there to offer a hug and companionship when we need it most.

As a thank you, why not treat your four-legged friend on this International Dog Day which is due to take place on August 26th. To celebrate the day, Aldi returns with one of their biggest pet events yet.

Whether you are a dog or cat lover, the highly anticipated Pet Shop will be back in Aldi’s Specialbuys aisle from August 19th and has everything you need and more to spoil and entertain that friend in four legs of the family.

Crunch Fetch Toys (€ 4.99)
Dog toys without stuffing (€ 4.99)

Some of the “pawfect” gifts include a variety of pet toys such as their assortment of pet tennis balls (€ 1.99), cat scratching mat (€ 4.99), Crunch toys Fetch (€ 4.99), rope dog toys (€ 6.99) and No Stuffing Dog Toys (€ 4.99), perfect for those little puppies who like to play hard!

Rope dog toys (€ 6.99)
Cat Scratch Mat (€ 4.99)

The range also offers some interesting items such as their Dog Dazzler Bubble Machine (€ 6.99) and the stylish Pet Outdoor Tepee (€ 16.99), a great place for your pooch or kitten to roam the whole day. daytime.

Dog Dazzler bubble machine (€ 6.99)
Outdoor pet teepee (€ 16.99)

From a practical standpoint, Aldi has also included a few pet essentials at affordable prices. If you’re new to the pet scene be sure to check out Aldi’s Slip On Dog Harness (€ 9.99), their plush pet beds (from € 10.99), Platform Cat Scratcher (€ 22.99) and Pet Pen (€ 23.99).

Aldi is not only the one-stop pet store for quality pet accessories and toys, but it also offers a wide variety of nutritious food options such as Natural Treats (€ 2.49), Whiskas Dry Cat Food (€ 5.99), Purina One (€ 3.69). ) and Laughing Dog Treat (€ 2.29), perfect for keeping your pets healthy and happy, regardless of their age and size.

All of these products and more are on sale at 147 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, August 19, while supplies last.