A Guide to Pet Stores in Montclair + Beyond

Everyone needs a little retail therapy sometimes, even your favorite furry friend. Fortunately, Essex County is home to a variety of pet stores that you and your dog or cat can visit if you’re in the mood to visit.bark on a shopping spree with chew toys – or if you need more dog food, cat scratching posts, etc. From Belleville to Oranges, read on for more info on some purr Essex County places to visit when you’re about to pamper your pet.

Animal Kingdom | 436-440 Main Street, Orange East

While Animal Kingdom had two locations in the county, there’s only one left in East Orange, but it’s still a great place to go. This East Orange location is where you should go if you’re looking to adopt a pet or buy care supplies. Animal Kingdom also offers limited boarding and boarding services for your furry friends if you need to go out of town, and you can place special orders at no additional cost.

Brookdale Animal Center | 1054 Broad Street, Bloomfield

(Photo credit: Brookdale Pet Center)

Since 1994, Brookdale Pet Center has been a go-to for area pet owners. The store offers a range of pet supplies and also makes it easy to adopt small pets. Future adopters can even view the profiles of adoptable pets online before meeting in person. In addition to providing holistic pet foods and finding critters their forever homes, Brookdale Pet Center is a great place to get involved. The Center works with volunteer groups and regularly hosts local animal charities. Be sure to check the website for upcoming initiatives.

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BC Pet Market | 517 S Avenue Livingston, Livingston

Cherrybrook Premium Pet Supplies

(Photo credit: Cherrybrook Premium Pet Supplies)

CB Pet Market is a chain of stores with multiple storefronts across New Jersey. The Livingston Grooming Shop and Salon is the closest option to Essex County. Here, customers can shop by breed or category and can personalize gift items. And, if you frequent the dog show circuit, CB Pet Market mobile store travels the East Coast throughout the year to attend these events.

City Dog Spa + Shop | 551 Valley Road, Upper Montclair

Spa and dog shop in town

(Photo credit: City Dog Spa + Boutique)

Who needs a “pawdicure?” This nail treatment in a “low stress, open concept environment” is one of the options offered by City Dog Spa & Boutique. Your dog’s well-being is the mission of the groomers and shop associates, who strive to ensure that your pets are comfortable during their visit, leaving happy and healthy after their haircut. hair. And, of course, the store has plenty of accessories to complete your little pal’s new look.

Dog Grooming + Pet Shop | 287 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell

Need trendy clothes or looking for TikTok fame for your furry friend? Discover Dogue Grooming & Pet Boutique. This salon offers expert ear cleaning, brushing and nail trimming as part of every bath and full grooming service. If your pet needs a wardrobe upgrade, look no further. The boutique portion of the store is home to an adorable collection that is sure to have your tail wagging. And, you never know, your pet’s OOTD might just make it to the official TikTok page: @therealdogue.

Home Towne Pet Shop | 756A Bloomfield Ave, West Caldwell

Home Towne Pet Shoppe is a family-friendly place that prides itself on providing a personalized shopping experience. The store serves dogs, cats, smaller animals and even has an extensive collection of care items for your favorite fish. Home Towne customers can also make an appointment to bring their pet to the self-service wash center. If your little pal is a little anxious at the groomer, the wash center is a great way to bond over a bath.

L&B Healthy Pet Markets | 15 S Fullerton Avenue, Montclair

L&B Healthy Pet Market

(Photo credit: L&B Healthy Pet Markets)

This healthy pet market has a mission to “build community and improve the lives of furry friends.” Located in Montclair, the store caters to health-conscious canine consumers. L&B stocks frozen, freeze-dried, canned raw food, kibble and a selection of single-ingredient treats. The market coordinates regular community events and the website includes favorite veterinary recommendations.

My Love Pets + Grooming | 277 Main Street, Belleville

Located on the State Fair Mall Plaza, My Love Pets and Grooming has lots of love for your furry friend. The pet store offers a selection of “various dog food and treats”, including a Pâté puppy by Fromm (for the smartest of your four-legged friends). Grooming services are available by appointment, with offerings like oxygen-infused baths, nail trims, ear treatments, and scented cologne options. If your pet needs a new outfit, they’ll also leave their date with a stylish bow or tie.

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Pupcake Grooming + Dog Bakery | 392 Bloomfield Avenue A, Caldwell

When you’re taking a lunch break with your pet, Pupcake is a great option. The Dog Bakery serves delicious treats, including an assortment of signature ‘pupcakes’. For special or seasonal occasions, Pupcake also offers a selection of themed cakes and cookies. Grooming and spa services are available for dogs and cats, and the company’s website offers essential pet care tips in a user-friendly blog format.

Well Bred | 184 S Livingston Avenue, Livingston


(Photo credit: @wellbredpets)

“Healthy, holistic and organic” is how Well Bred of Livingston describes its offerings. The store offers a plethora of healthy food options and treats for your dog or feline. Well Bred is also for small pets, so take a trip if you’re updating your mouse’s house or if your chinchilla needs something to chew on.

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