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Loan for an energy-efficient house with solar panels, insulation and a heat pump? You can borrow cheaply from TheFurryone Kredieten


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Energy credit, borrowing for energy-efficient investments

Solar panels, extra insulation, a heat pump , ... these are all installations that make your home a lot more energy-efficient. In the long term you will certainly get a lot of profit from this, but in the short term it requires a serious investment. TheFurryone Kredieten helps you with that investment and has set up a special rate plan for these investments. The energy plan ** helps you to make your home more energy efficient and to reduce your ecological footprint.

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You can calculate the costs of your energy plan ** quickly and easily with the help of our loan simulator. At the top of this page you enter the amount you want to borrow and click on the button view the rates . You will automatically see the applicable APR * and the debit interest rate for all durations. So quickly and clearly!

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Why wait? Make your credit application now by clicking on the button ' to credit application '. You will be presented with a list of questions about your identity, work situation, income and expenditure and current credits. You can also send a comment. After you have entered everything, you can send the data and we will process your request as soon as possible. Normally we have the answer for your credit within 24 hours .

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Would you rather not request the energy plan ** online? Then come by the office and we will discuss your energy plan ** personally. During our long opening hours you are always welcome in our office in Forest Hills, where we have an answer to all your questions. You do not have to make an appointment for this!


  1. The Energy Plan of Thefurryone Creditor can only be used for renovation work on a private house that specifically has to do with energy.
  2. Subject to submission of recent invoices from recognized contractors.
  3. Payout direct to contractors.

To use for :

Our Energy plan is specifically intended for energy renovations.

  • replacement of old boiler
  • installation of high-efficiency glazing
  • solar water heater installation
  • placement of solar panels
  • placement of thermostatic valves
  • insulation of roofs, walls and floors
  • heat pump placement

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    Representative example Car loan for cars older than 3 years ** - 7.49 % *

    * Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR): 7.49 % (fixed annual borrowing rate: 7.49 %), for an ** installment loan of US $ 14,000 with a term of 60 months. The monthly repayment will be $ 278.83 for a total refundable amount of $ 16729.80 . The minimum repayment period is 12 and the maximum period is 60 months.
    APRs applicable from 16/01/2017 .
    for the purchase of used cars over 3 years old.
    The maximum APR is 10%.

    Subject to acceptance by the lender who finds TheFurryone Kredieten Ltd as the credit broker the most suitable lender for your credit application.

    Pay attention, borrowing money also costs money.