22 adorable dog and pet costumes for Halloween 2021


Many may be looking forward to Halloween for parties, candy, or treats with the kids, but if you’re anything like us, all you really want to do is dress up your pets in adorable costumes. Whether you want to dress your dog or cat up as your favorite Mandalorian character, a delivery boy, or maybe just the cutest piece of bread, we’ve rounded up the top-rated and hilarious pet Halloween costumes on the internet. (And, of course, always be sure to dress your furry friends for a short time and under supervision.)

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For “Mandalorian” lovers, there’s no better costume than The Child, aka Baby Yoda, for your best friend.

Frisco Spaceship Forward Costume for Dogs and Cats

Get adorable in this rocket costume that will make the neighbors smile when you walk your dog this Halloween. It is available in six sizes to fit small and large hairballs.

Frisco Bread Cat Costume

Cat breading may be a meme long gone, but it can live on forever every Halloween with this simple yet hilarious one-size-fits-all cat costume, no real bread required.

Frontal lobster costume for dog and cat

Few costumes are cuter than this. Available in five sizes, why wouldn’t you want your dog to look like a lobster?

California Costumes Pet UPS Pal Dog Costume

Available in four sizes, this ridiculously cute costume will make your pet look like the person you’ve probably seen the most in the past year: the delivery guy.

Cowboy Bootique Kitty Cat Costume

Do you need to saddle your cat with this little cowboy mouse for Halloween? Yes Yes.

Grandma walking in front of Frisco costume for dogs and cats

Show the world your pet has an old soul with this laugh-out-loud costume.

Classic Batman Pet Costume

You can dress up as Robin, Batwoman or Joker to complete the look.

Frisco Happy Cow Dog & Cat Costume

Cats and dogs disguised as cows. Is there really anything else you need to know?

Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Pet Costume

A go-to Halloween costume for years, let your pet have the fun with this “Ghostbusters” jumpsuit costume.

Frisco Werewolf Dog and Cat Costume Walking Front

Let your furry friend let out their inner monster with this werewolf costume.

Tomsenn Dog Lion Mane

You’ll have a great time dressing your medium to large dog in this easy lion mane costume, available in two colors.

OMG Adorable Cat Lion Mane

And, of course, an option for the cat in your life. Will your finicky cat tolerate wearing this hilarious outfit more than a full outfit? Only one way to find out!

Frisco Stegosaurus dinosaur costume for dog and cat

No one will bother you when there is a super scary huge dinosaur walking with you. And if you want to match with your pet, check out this “Jurassic Park” costume.

Frozen Olaf Costume

For the “Frozen” lovers, opt for this adorable Olaf costume for your four-legged friend.

Bootique Hot Diggity Dog Costume

A classic dog costume for a reason, this one looks adorable on any breed but is especially perfect for your Dachshund.

Toy Story Woody and Rex costumes

For Disney fans, you can dress up with your puppy as Woody and Rex from “Toy Story”.

Mickey Mouse Dog Costume

You can’t beat the classic Mickey Mouse, and this adorable outfit is available in four sizes.

Frisco snail costume for dogs and cats

This one is just too adorable to pass up.

Frisco Frisco Front Walking Killer Doll Dog and Cat Costume

Turn the cutest boy into the scariest boy with this costume from everyone’s favorite creepy doll.

DC Justice League Wonder Woman Dog Jumpsuit

Let your pooch channel his inner superhero with this costume that reviewers attest is high quality – and even works as an eye-catching everyday dog ​​jacket!

Jack O'Lantern Bootique Dog Hoodie

You can’t go wrong with this classic, available in six sizes. This hoodie is so cute (and easy to put on) your dog can easily pull it on until fall.