2020 Hudson Valley Pet Halloween Costume Contest Winners

The winners of this year’s Boris & Robyn Show Pet Halloween Costume Contest have been chosen.

After turning our annual costumed animal parade into a virtual competition, we received a record number of entries. Donations have also poured in to help Pets Alive. You can always show your support by making a contribution to this beautiful animal shelter without killing. Our judges sifted through countless photos and videos of pets from across the Hudson Valley and came to an agreement on the winners for 2020.

This year’s $ 500 winner is Bailey, who is dressed as an American postal worker. With a hat and a bundle, Bailey’s owner Katherine O’Neill posed the dog outside the post office and even encouraged residents of the Hudson Valley to vote in this year’s election.

Our second prize, a huge Pets Alive gift basket, goes to Honey the Hedgehog. Owner Gina Babbage made a sushi costume around Honey, who looks very excited to be able to enter the contest this year.

Congratulations to all who participated this year. Looks like the Hudson Valley is having a lot of fun with its pets this Halloween! Check out more of our favorite photos from this year’s contest.

The Best Hudson Valley Pet Halloween Costumes in 2020

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