The Furryone Autoplan ** - new or younger than 3 years at 0.89% APR *

Buy your dream car now thanks to the cheap car loan from TheFurryone Kredieten with an APR * of 0.89%. Do not wait any longer, apply for your car loan now and buy your dream car!


Car plan ** <3 years: cheap car loan for a new car or young second-hand

You can hardly do anymore today without a car . A car will take you everywhere without any problems, but a car also costs a lot of money, and is one of them serious attack on your savings account . To help you with the purchase of your dream car, you can contact TheFurryone Appropriations right for one car loan . You can choose one car loan for a young car of less than 3 years (<3 years) or a car loan for an older car of more than 3 years (> 3 years).

A car loan for a new car

A car loan for a new car is natural the cheapest loan of the two. The car actually guarantees the loan a bit and since the risk is therefore lower than a regular personal loan, the APR * is also lower and therefore the loan cheaper.

But also for a young second-hand

But also for one young used car you enjoy the same advantageous rate like a car loan for a new car . A car up to 3 years old can be financed at this advantageous rate.

And even without an advance

You can also pay the amount with us fully finance . You do not have to pay an advance but borrow the full purchase price of the car.

Also consider: good car insurance

Request a rate for your car insurance

Perhaps the premium with us is cheaper than the insurance you have now.


  1. Installment loan for the purchase of a new car or a second-hand car less than 3 years old.
  2. Subject to submission of an invoice for a maximum of 100% of the loan.
  3. Payment directly to the seller.

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    Representative example Car loan for cars older than 3 years ** - 7.49 % *

    * Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APR): 7.49 % (fixed annual borrowing rate: 7.49 %), for an ** installment loan of US $ 14,000 with a term of 60 months. The monthly repayment will be $ 278.83 for a total refundable amount of $ 16729.80 . The minimum repayment period is 12 and the maximum period is 60 months.
    APRs applicable from 16/01/2017 .
    for the purchase of used cars over 3 years old.
    The maximum APR is 10%.

    Subject to acceptance by the lender who finds TheFurryone Kredieten Ltd as the credit broker the most suitable lender for your credit application.

    Pay attention, borrowing money also costs money.