15 Times Llamas Absolutely Killed It With Their Silly Costumes

When was the last time you did something just to make strangers smile?

For Kahle Boutte of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the answer is something like “about an hour ago.” Kahle is the owner of Prairie Patch Farm, a 50-acre nature preserve that has been in her family since the 1980s. Kahle and her husband bought the farm just under 5 years ago, and they’ve been having fun ever since. good.

Growing up, Kahle always dreamed of having llamas on her farm. “Llamas have been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember when I was a kid, and I said, ‘If I could ever have llamas, I would have them,'” she explained.

About three years ago, she realized that dream by adopting two llamas. She immediately started having fun designing clothes for them, starting with llama-corn (llama meets unicorn) costumes. The llama-corn look was popular online, so she started experimenting with more elaborate costumes, and a trend was born!

1. Here’s Earl, one of the top models of the herd, showing off the llama-corn look.

2. Kahle says she’s making the costumes simply “to spread more joy and love in our community.”

3. She often brings costumed lamas to schools and nursing homes for special occasions.

3. “I love the joy it brings to people,” Kahle said. “That’s really why we do it – to bring more happiness, hope and joy.”

4. All of the llamas’ costumes are based on pop culture, like this elaborate “Beauty and the Beast” outfit.

5. Kahle’s llama costumes have gotten 1.5 million likes on TikTok so far.

6. Kahle insists dressing up llamas in costumes wasn’t her unique idea.

7. “People have been dressing llamas for thousands of years,” she explained. “Costumes kind of became a thing. Something really quirky and funny we can do with them.

8. Besides posing for photos with a fluffy llama, the farm also offers other ways to get up close to these majestic beasts.

9. The farm offers hiking with llamas, yoga and even weddings and other parties.

10. But it was Kahle’s cute llama clothes that put Prairie Patch Farm on the map.

11. “The shock, awe, and joy it brings to people is really what drives me.”

13. “What can we come up with next to put a little more positivity out there and make people smile?” she asks herself before starting on a new costume.

14. “It was really fun spreading happiness,” she said. “And do something completely different than what people might see going to a zoo or a farm.”

15. Did we mention that Earl is the llama who likes to dress up the most?

That’s it, we readjust our life goals. We want to be llama breeders and play dress up with the adorable animals all day! On second thought, maybe we’ll live vicariously through Kahle’s social media pages, instead.

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