100 genius animal costumes for Halloween

The Halloween season is almost here, and we’re doing our best to provide plenty of inspiration to get you started on your costume planning. On our list? Pet costumes, of course! You’ve seen the funny ones, the felines, the doggies and even the submarines… but now it’s time to see EVERYTHING. Here are 100 chic costumes for all your furry friends.

Miley Cyrus

And on to the pop culture segment of today’s program…! Dogs dressed as Miley Cyrus might be the best thing to come out on Halloween this year. Buns push us over the edge. (via Brit+Co)



Introducing… bat cat! (via Etsy)

hula dancer

Hula Dancer Pet Costume
The most important thing about this costume? The PROPS pictured. What is that little chair in the background anyway?! (via Cosmoplitan)

Mr T

Mr. T pet costume
Mr. T’s signature flat-top mohawk is key to this look. (via Buzzfeed)


cowboy cat costume

There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s ADORABLE. (via Amazon)

Spider Man

Spider Man Dog Costume

For Stan Lee fans, there’s always that spider costume to shout out to Peter Parker. (via Amazon)

Puppy Pin Cushion

pincushion dog costume
This dog probably isn’t excited about the thimble hat, but this costume is kinda dang pinworthy.(via Daily Mail)


ladybug dog costume

A costume as cute as a bug in a rug. (via Etsy)

First try

soccer cat costume
I’m not sure this cat can actually walk around in the costume, but it certainly makes for a great photo. (via Costume Works)


pirate cat costume
On Halloween, cats magically agree with water…right? (via BuzzFeed)


avocado dog costume

We love all things avocado, including pet costumes! (via Chewy)


liberace dog costume
The detailed piano work alone is enough to make us swoon, but we especially love that this dog parent created an entire painting for their pup’s costume. The framed photo of Liberace’s partner is a particularly solid touch. (via Brit+Co)


aviator dog costume

Amelia Earhart theme? (via Chewy)

Pet Chia

chia pet costume
There’s just something about this photo, the fence, the orange painted paws and this dog’s face that makes this the best Chia Pet costume we’ve ever seen. (via Brit+Co)

T Rex

t rex dog costume

For Your Ferocious Beast (via Petco)

Harry Potter

harry potter dog costume
Pipe cleaners as glasses and lightning scar? genius. These well-groomed puppies would look right at home at Hogwarts. (via Brit+Co)

Headphones to go-Carton

funny animal costumes
Alien invader… Space cadet… We’re not sure exactly what this cat is supposed to be, but we do know that we’ve never seen such an impressive Chinese food carton before. (via BuzzFeed)


mom dog costume
How crazy is that? This costume is a bit hard to figure out and it’s so well made! Looks like a skeleton and a mummy are carrying a pumpkin and looking quite stylish while doing so. (via Brit+Co)

bobsleigh team

funny animal costumes
We see pride, we see power, we see a badass dachshund that doesn’t give a damn. (via Costume Works)


lion dog costume
All you need is a witch and a wardrobe to make this costume even more amazing. Or a Scarecrow and a Tin Man. Or a Rafiki… dang, how are you going to decide?! (via Instructables)

Doctor Pug

doctor dog costume
Meet Doctor Pug, delivering unlimited kindness to one patient at a time. (via Brit+Co)


funny dog ​​costumes
Of course, we have to give tech-savvy dog ​​parents some props. (via Brit+Co)

fruit basket hat

cat costumes
When you put a bowl of glittery fruit on your cat’s head, she’ll be just as happy and enthusiastic as the original Miss Chiquita. (via Not So Kitty Shop)

Frida Kahlo

frida kahlo dog costume
If it was a person dressed as Frida Kahlo, it would be super chic and intellectual. But he’s a dog, and it’s hilarious. (via Apartment Therapy)


elvis dog costume
It’s nothing but a hunting dog… and we cry with laughter. (via Refinery 29)

Flying monkeys

funny dog ​​costumes
Where is that lion from above? Those little bastards are going to get it, and so are the little dogs! (via The Tin Man)


tiger dog costume
This dog’s costume is better than your dog’s costume. (via Daily Mail)


roast dog

turkey costume
This dog costume that keeps on giving all year round. You can use this one for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. (via Refinery29)

Sushi Cat

sushi costume
Okay okay, a cat can’t really walk around town in this costume but… it’s great for a sleepy little feline. (via Laughing Squid)

The little Mermaid

little mermaid costume
Those flowing locks, flapper bra and shiny green tail – we’d recognize Ariel anywhere! If you don’t want to DIY, you can buy a mermaid costume here. (via Washington Post)

Goat Cat

goat costume
It’s a goat cat. That’s all you need to know. (via Flickr)


owl costume
This handcrafted costume is definitely a labor of love, and the results are gorgeous. (via Buzzfeed)

fruit lady

carmen miranda costume
The layered sunset background is the best part of this costume. (via Buzzfeed)

Girl Scout

scout dog
I wish we could see a photo of the pooch as a box of Thin Mints, but this costume is still a knockout. (via Martha Stewart)

Spaghetti and meatballs

funny dog ​​costumes

And finally, a hilarious stack of wire spaghetti, polystyrene meatballs and a cool attitude. (via Cosmopolitan)

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This article has been updated with additional reporting from Theresa Gonzalez.