10 Worst Hero Costumes In Isekai Anime, Ranked

Lately, there has been a plethora of anime titles from the isekai genre. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to tell them apart. Fortunately, the best isekai always have their own look and style to make them unique, which even extends to the outfits worn by the heroes.

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With the right costume, an isekai hero can stand out and become instantly recognizable, but not everyone can be so lucky. Whether the outfit is impractical, bland, or just doesn’t look that good, there have also been quite a few isekai hero outfits that haven’t been the best.

11 Arc’s armor is flashy, but a little too bulky (Skeleton Knight In Another World)

Skeleton knight in another world talks about Arc, when he is transported to another world in the body of his in-game character, a warrior clad in heavy armor with the body of a skeleton. Along with providing good defense, Arc’s armor also hides his undead-like body from the rest of the world. In all honesty, this armor is pretty flashy, but it has one unintended flaw.

Arc’s armor is awesome, it’s also a little too huge and bulky, and while that makes him look a lot taller and more intimidating, it also makes him look like he’d struggle to fit through doors. .

ten Tachibana’s outfit looks more casual than battle-ready (life with a regular guy reincarnated into a total Fantasy Knockout)

Hinata Tachibana Life with an ordinary guy who got reincarnated in a total Fantasy Knockout probably never guessed that they would suddenly be transformed from an average man into a blonde-haired girl after being summoned to defeat a demon lord with their best friend, Tsukasa. With that change came a new outfit to fit the new body, though not exactly what one would consider “combat ready”.

Although Tachibana’s new clothes are quite cute, they don’t look like something someone wears when they go on an adventure. Also, considering the danger they and Tsukasa would be in, it offers no protection for them. On top of that, with the fantasy medieval setting, the outfit makes Tachibana seem out of place.

9 Taichi’s outfit is incredibly generic (Isekai Cheat Magician)

Granted, many isekai heroes mix and match, tending to share very similar character designs. This makes it difficult for a specific character to stand out, although with the right outfit this problem could be solved. Unfortunately, Taichi’s outfit of Isekai Cheat Magician does him no favors.

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With a button down shirt with matching vest and bracers, Taichi’s outfit is a bit simpler than some isekai hero outfits. Still, it’s also a relatively generic set of fantastic clothing, especially when compared to some of the more colorful outfits of other characters in this anime. Taichi’s costume looks more like something a secondary or additional character would wear rather than the protagonist.

8 Oka’s combat gear offers little protection (so I’m a spider, so what?)

In the fantasy genre, there seems to be a fine line between style and protection when it comes to outfits, and while some manage to balance the two, others go more for style to the point where the lack of any defense seems really impractical. This is the case with the combat equipment of Filimøs Harrifenas, alias Ms. Oka, of So I’m a spider, so what?.

Oka’s attire, when she goes into battle, includes what appears to be a turtleneck tank top, long gloves, short shorts, and single armor around one shoulder and hips. While she has the skills to make up for the lack of armor, it’s still a bit unrealistic to wear it when defending against swords and arrows.

seven Touya’s Outfit Doesn’t Exactly Scream Fantasy Hero (In Another World With My Smartphone)

Sometimes simplicity can be good for a costume because it can be more down to earth and realistic than something someone would wear. However, Touya Mochizuki’s outfit of In another world with my smartphone hardly resembles the type of costume associated with a fantasy setting.

With a white jacket with a black undershirt and jeans, Touya’s outfit doesn’t really match the look of an isekai hero with his casual look. It’s so simple that it works against it by making Touya look so generic that it could practically fit into any other anime, not just the isekai genre.

6 Kirito’s alternate costumes after Aincrad are so forgettable (Sword Art Online)

Kirito from Sword Art Online is probably one of the first protagonists that comes to mind when we think of isekai heroes, wearing his iconic long black cloak. Although this look was more or less retired after the Aincrad arc, the following arcs tried their best to recreate this outfit for him, but none of them were so memorable compared to Kirito’s Aincrad look .

What’s worse is that most of Kirito’s alternate costumes are so similar to the Aincrad mantle that they blend together a bit too much, to the point of becoming rather forgettable.

5 Mash’s gear is all over the place (cautious hero)

Mash is a draconian warrior who joins Seiya during cautious hero to help him defeat the Demon Lord as had been foretold in their world. However, in truth, he spends most of his time as the party’s pack mule since Seiya can handle everything on his own. Mash’s weakness might be her fashion sense, regardless of her role.

With a color palette of green, orange, and brown clashing and a ridiculously chunky pair of baggy pants that seem to fall off him all the time, Mash’s outfit is all over the place.

3 Izumi’s clothes are quite busy (Dog Days)

Five Izumi’s Dog days is summoned to the world of Flognarde to be Princess Millhiore’s hero. Despite her young age, Izumi plays the part and looks the part with her battle gear. That being said, while her outfit is striking and mixes a modern aesthetic with a fantastical aesthetic, she’s also too busy.

Izumi’s hero costume consists of a white cape over a white jacket over a red vest, which seems to make it harder for him to move than anything else. In short, it’s a little too much style on the merits.

2 Hakuto is just wearing an ordinary costume (Demon Lord, try again!)

Hakuto Kunai’s Demon Lord, try again! is the case of an ordinary man transported to another world in the body of his game character. However, his outfit is a bit more modern than most. Unlike similar examples, Hakuto’s attire consists mostly of professional attire instead of armor or fantasy attire.

While that’s by no means a bad look at him, a suit and jacket like the one Hakuto wears wouldn’t be the best choice for fighting, as they’re usually not meant for strenuous activity. They would probably make his movements more difficult.

1 Wendelin’s adventurer outfit is rather impractical (The 8th Son? Are you kidding me?)

In The 8th son? Are you kidding me? Shingo Ichinomiya unexpectedly wakes up in another world as Wendelin von Benno Baumeister. In time, he becomes a successful adventurer and even acquires a magician’s uniform similar to that of his mentor. However, it is a rather puzzling outfit.

Wendelin’s uniform is a blue cape with a green midsection attached to it by gold chains and covering its relatively ordinary clothing underneath. His only armor additions are his greaves and a single shoulder pad, which seem to serve no purpose. In addition to the outfit clashing with itself and being unnecessarily busy, it also seems so impractical that it would restrict Wendelin’s movement in battle or cause him to trip over himself.

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