10 Hilarious Marvel Super-Villain Costumes

Comics are a visual medium by nature, so artists make sure their greatest heroes and villains are as visually pleasing and distinct as possible. Unfortunately, not all heroes and villains are as lucky as Spider-Man or Iron Man when it comes to wardrobe. Some Marvel Comics villains are given costumes that don’t make much practical sense or look downright ridiculous.

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It’s hard to be taken seriously as a supervillain when the costumes provoke laughter rather than fear. When it comes to the sartorial stakes, some unlucky Marvel villains like Sandman, Jack O’Lantern, and even the original Galactus have really drawn straws.

ten Sandman is always badly dressed

Poor Sandman is never this well dressed, no matter who he’s up against. He debuted as a Spider-Man villain before joining the Frightful Four villains. When he first appeared, Sandman was dressed in ordinary clothes to account for his sand transformations. When he turned to sand, so did his clothes.

As a member of the Frightful Four, Jack Kirby decided to give Sandman a proper costume. It’s classic Kirby and looks silly to modern eyes. The odd headgear is a particularly unfortunate choice. Sandman later returned to his original look, designed by Steve Ditko, though fans are still wondering if he has more than one shirt.

9 Whirlwind should stop making new costumes

The Whirlwind has had a few costumes over the years, most of which were invented by himself. He started his supervillain career as Human Top before renaming himself and designing a shiny new costume.

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Unfortunately, all of her costume ideas have been pretty disappointing, and they all look silly. His helmet often has an odd conical shape, giving the appearance of an evil trash can. The circular saws on his arms also appear to be a health and safety hazard. Whirlwind’s costume has remained relatively the same with minor tweaks, but it’s about time this classic Avengers villain got a visual overhaul.

8 The porcupine is covered in quills

The Porcupine’s weapon is his armored suit, which is made of metal and plastic. The costume acts as his shield and is highly resistant to damage. The suit is also covered in sharp, feather-like spikes, which cause serious injury to an opponent attempting to grab Porcupine.

He also shoots these quills at the people he fights. Animal themes can result in large characters with iconic costumes. Half of Spider-Man’s Rogues’ Gallery uses animal motifs. Something about a porcupine is not scary. Instead, quills have the unfortunate side effect of looking hilarious. In older works of art, the quills look more like fur.

seven Chameleon happily relies on disguises

The Chameleon was the first villain Spider-Man fought, appearing in amazing spider man #1 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The Chameleon is a master of disguise, and when he first appeared he had no costume. Instead, he was either in disguise or wearing a blank mask to disguise his true face.

As a villain who relied on disguises, he didn’t really need a costume. Apparently he felt left out without one, so he crafted a rather colorful option for himself. The blank mask remained, but her costume looked more like a kid’s craft project. Spider-Man called the suit “fancy,” but he probably meant silly.

6 Galactus’ original design was clunky

Galactus, the Eater of Worlds, had a very unfortunate first costume for someone who spends so much time as a giant cosmic being. Her original costume is a classic tunic, with a massive G on the front. It’s fine, but where are his pants?

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The coloring in early comics could be a little funky, so it could be that Galactus was destined to have pants, but the color of his legs certainly made it look like he wasn’t wearing any at all. Galactus has become one of the most fearsome beings in the Marvel Multiverse, but his design in his original Fantastic Four debut left a lot to be desired.

5 Leap-Frog took its name too literally

Daredevil doesn’t have one of the biggest rogues galleries in comics, but his enemies are deadly, imposing, and generally well-dressed, especially the Kingpin who rules New York in a nice suit and tie. Daredevil also has weirder, less fashionable enemies, like Leap-Frog.

Leap-Frog is a very nimble villain and can jump anywhere…like a frog. Agility is a useful skill, but Leap-Frog took things a little too literally and decided to dress like a frog. Leap-Frog’s small, scaly form isn’t terribly intimidating, and it would do well with a grittier redesign.

4 The Jack O’Lantern’s flaming headgear looks dangerous

Jack O’Lantern is another Marvel villain who took things a bit at face value. This villain’s costume design was clearly inspired by Green Goblin and Hobgoblin with his scales, cape, and choice arsenal. The majority of his costume is quite practical and would be functional and safe in a fight.

However, Jack O’Lantern chose to finish his look with a large flaming pumpkin on his head. This seems like a bad idea for several reasons. A pumpkin would restrict his version field, and dipping his mask in flames just seems dangerous.

3 The wizard’s intelligence doesn’t make him fashionable

Marvel loves a genius, and there are plenty of super-smart heroes and villains on their pages. One of Marvel Comics’ most famous supergeniuses is Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic. Naturally, this super-smart hero attracts the attention of some super-smart villains.

One of his enemies is the genie, the wizard. The Wizard may be incredibly smart, but sadly, his smarts don’t extend to his sense of fashion. The blue and purple color scheme is a bit of an eyesore, his helmet may house his big brain, but it gives him a clumsy egg-head appearance. Maybe he should stick to tech rather than costume design.

2 Attuma’s shoulder pads went out of fashion in the 80s

Attuma has faced Namor several times. Leader of the Underwater Barbarians, Attuma hates Namor and the rest of Atlantis. He’s a powerful enemy, but his style is flawed. Granted, he looks creepy, but his costume seems to get in the way of his movements.

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His oddly shaped helmet must be difficult to wear, and those huge shoulder pads are worthy of the worst power suit of the 80s. Attuma’s impractical armor looks like it should be on display in Asgard or Atlantis. Instead, he wears it to battle the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, and even the Avengers.

1 Stryfe epitomizes comic design in the 90s

The 90s were a bad decade for comic book fashion. No one was well dressed. The designs were bold but distracted from the realities of the stories. Stryfe was just one victim of a costume that was supposed to look cool and edgy, but ended up looking over the top and extremely impractical.

At first glance, his look doesn’t seem too ridiculous, with his armor and dramatic cape. However, like several villains on this list, Stryfe opted for spikes, which are highly impractical and dangerous to others and himself. The huge helmet is a bit heavy and must prevent Stryfe from being able to move his head properly.

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