10 Comic Book Costumes MCU Fans Want To See In Phase 5

It’s still a great time to be a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan in 2022. While series like She-Hulk: Lawyer dominate Disney Plus, fans await the premiere of blockbusters like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in cinemas. Marvel’s stylistic sensibilities remain top-notch, faithfully adapting and updating characters like Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, and Charles Xavier for the big screen.

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Even beyond Phase 4, fans have a lot to look forward to. The MCU’s Phase 5 is full of promise, with movie sequels like Captain Marvel as well as new stories like Blade. As fans prepare for what’s to come, they’re hoping to see plenty of great costumes.

ten Upgradable top suit is perfect for Guardians 3

The High Evolutionary is a weird dude, and his costume reflects that. A geneticist who specializes in making animal-human hybrids (think Doctor Moreau), Herbert Wyndham is set to make his debut in the next Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

James Gunn’s eye for style is what made guardians of the galaxy and The Suicide Squad such successes, so it’s safe to say he’ll be bringing the Evolutionary’s scarlet and silver costume to life in his next film. The villain’s odd look fits perfectly with the director’s previous portrayals of Guardians, and fans are hoping Gunn will continue to expertly capture classic comic book characters.

9 Agents of SHIELD deserve a unique look

The next Secret Invasion The miniseries promises fans a return to the characters that originally bound the MCU: Agents of SHIELD The series, which stars Nick Fury and Maria Hill, is the perfect opportunity to delve into the glorious past organisation. As such, it presents the perfect opportunity to bring classic SHIELD costumes to life.

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So far, Agents of SHIELD in the MCU have worn sensible black and gray outfits perfect for tactical ops. However, with the show’s focus on aliens and outer space, relying on the agency’s blue spandex and white harnesses would be a great way to add a more sci-fi feel to the shows. secret defenders of the Earth.

8 Quantumania Needs MODOK’s Best Dressed Subscribers

With MODOK configured to appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, fans can expect a classic, wacky Marvel villain. However, part of what makes MODOK so great is its endless supply of bright yellow henchmen: the scientists at Advanced Idea Mechanics.

While AIM has appeared in iron man 3, they clearly lacked their classic beekeeper costumes. So far, the The ant Man the films have generally balanced classic comic book designs with modern sci-fi aesthetics. So the inclusion of traditional AIM gear would continue this trend and give MCU fans interesting and exciting henchmen for the scientific adventurer to punch in the face.

seven Hawkeye hasn’t worn his best costume yet

Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton has been a part of the MCU since its inception. Since debuting in 2012, the Avengers’ Ace Archer has raised a family, collected Infinity Stones, and even graced his own TV show. However, one thing the character has always lacked: a decent costume.

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Whereas Hawk Eye gave the Bow-Slinger a solid take on his newer uniforms, and End of Game expertly transliterating his identity as Ronin, Renner’s Hawkeye has yet to don his classic masked Wolverine costume. With the MCU’s shift towards more comic book-based outfits and the potential for a Hawkeye return in Love at first sightfans are hoping that the MCU’s Hawkeye will finally put on his most beloved duds.

6 Echo needs his face print

The next Echo the miniseries promises to explore Alaqua Cox’s perspective on the character after his appearance in Hawk Eye. The series will likely draw inspiration from the beautifully rendered series by David Mack/Joe Quesada/Jimmy Palmiotti daredevil who introduced the character. Hopefully it will draw inspiration from her costumes as well.

Echo’s costume, which has remained largely unchanged since her debut, isn’t hugely complex. He features black clothes, beige hand wraps, and a handprint painted on his face. In the comics, the handprint is a reminder of her deceased father, whose shady actions tied her to the Kingpin, but whose love turned her into a good person. Although simple, this small change would make Echo’s costume much deeper.

5 The Wasp deserves a costume of its own

Of all the classic Avengers comics, it’s the alluring Wasp that’s yet to be rewarded. Although played well by Evangeline Lily, the MCU Wasp has always been in the shadow of Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man, which her costume reflects.

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The Wasp deserves its time in the spotlight, so a costume overhaul is in order. To set the Ant-Man character apart, the MCU Wasp has to adopt the character’s Heroes Return look, ditching the overly busy helmet and Kevlar for the sleeker black and yellow bodysuit. Such a move would add visual variety to the MCU and give one of Marvel’s oldest heroes its due.

4 It’s time for Elektra to wear her signature look

With Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock appearances in Spider-Man: No Coming Home and Wilson Fisk by Vincent D’Onofrio in Hawk Eye, respectively, MCU fans can’t wait for more Netflix Marvel characters to return. Foremost among them is the ninja assassin Elektra Natchios – occasional ally, enemy and lover of Daredevil.

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While it’s unclear if Élodie Yung will return to play the red-clad warrior, her return in the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again The TV show wouldn’t be a surprise. If she does, fans must see her in her classic red wrappers. Both flashy and clandestine, his red outfit is one of comics’ most iconic street costumes.

3 The MCU’s Bullseye might be the first to hit the mark

Aside from Elektra, character fans are most hoping to see their MCU debut in born again is Bullseye, who is Daredevil’s most eternal nemesis. The jolly killer appeared in both major live-action adaptations of The Man Without Fear, but he never actually sported his iconic black-and-white costume.

Between Daredevil’s yellow outfit in She-Hulk: Lawyer and Kingpin’s dapper duds in Hawk Eye, it’s clear that Marvel wants DD’s supporting cast to look good. Bullseye’s comedic costume is sleek, thrifty, and still unreleased by other studios. As a result, it would be a victory for Marvel to successfully bring it to the screen.

2 Monica Rambeau should start with her coolest look

Avengers comics fans were thrilled when Monica Rambeau made her MCU debut in Wanda Visionwhile fans of Wanda Vision were excited to learn that the character would reappear in 2023 Wonders. However, for Rambeau’s return to be truly triumphant, it’s essential that the MCU showcase the character in his coolest costume: the trench coat.

While jackets were the bane of ’90s superhero fashion (looking at you, Black Knight), Monica Rambeau’s coat-clad look is one of her best. Combining the most exciting elements of her purely heroic costumes with an authority loan jacket, the design tells viewers that Monica Rambeau is a no-nonsense heroine.

1 Kang’s OG outfit exudes freshness, confidence and conquest

Kang the Conqueror is set to become Marvel’s next Big Bad, so it’s only fitting that the Time Lord has an impressive wardrobe. Although Kang has worn many costumes since his debut in writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby Avengers #8none have more style than their original design.

Unlike Thanos, Kang isn’t one to do things himself. Her attire reflects her aristocratic, hands-off approach to villainy, with flowing green robes and regal purple lines. Kang’s classic costume also features robust future technology, tying together the disparate elements of his personality into a single fearsome display.

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