10 Best Hero Costumes In Shonen Anime, Ranked

The world of shonen anime features some of the best anime series and protagonists, including legendary titles such as Dragon Ball Z and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, among others. These shonen heroes come in all shapes and sizes, as do their unique powers and outfits, from bankai to Rasengan to alchemy.

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Shonen heroes always need something to wear, and their costumes make them more visually distinct or even iconic. The hero should always stand out, and many of them have unique costumes or outfits to give them visual flair. Some of these costumes are much more dazzling or practical than others.

ten Inosuke Hashibra’s outfit is tough and savage (Demon Slayer)

Most Demon Slayers wear an official uniform, and the more conspicuous may wear a unique cloak or cape over it, such as Kyojuro Rengoku’s white cloak with flame patterns. But when it comes to unique costumes, nothing in demon slayer can beat the rugged simplicity of Inosuke Hashibira’s outfit.

Inosukne is not wearing any of the demon slayer uniform. Instead, he crafted his own outfit consisting of animal fur pants, simple sandals, a bare torso, and most importantly, that boar’s head as a helmet and disguise. It really stands out in any scene, such an outfit is easy to move and fight.

9 Joseph Joestar’s first outfit is cool and pays homage to his friend (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The second Jojo The hero is the cunning Joseph Joestar, and he has one of the most practical and creative outfits among the six Joestar heroes in anime. Joseph’s attire consists of a tank top, a cool and colorful scarf, leather mittens, cool pants and boots. But there is more.

Later, after Caesar Zeppeli’s death to the Pillar Men, Joseph donned this fallen hero’s colorful headband to honor his memory and swear revenge on those Aztec vampires. Joseph’s outfit became really complete after that.

8 Raphtalia’s outfit is both cute and practical (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Tanuki girl Raphtalia chose an outfit that cleverly balances aesthetics and function. Visually, her outfit is charming and colorful without being garish, as her outfit has a short skirt and red fabric while featuring muted colors for contrast. She also wears high lace-up boots that are both charming and easy to put on.

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Raphtalia’s outfit is sturdy and appropriate for long treks on the road, and based on her nimble movements in combat, Raphtalia isn’t bothered by this outfit at all. She can easily run, jump and duck while wearing this charming outfit, and that’s how she survived all those waves.

seven Yor Forger has a cool black dress (Spy X Family)

The deadly spiny princess, Yor Forger, wears a stunning outfit as she undertakes missions for her clients. Unlike her colorful daytime clothes, Yor’s assassination outfit is solid black with a few gold accessories in her hair, making her look like a well-dressed grim reaper. Beautiful, but deadly.

Yor’s outfit, like Raphtalia’s, is visually stunning while being easy to move around. Yor can jump, tumble, leap, and duck in this outfit with no problem, and even his high heels are barely a problem. She broke a heel once, but that was an exception. Otherwise, it’s the perfect assassination outfit.

6 Naruto Uzumaki’s first outfit is iconic (Naruto)

On some level, it’s kind of weird for a shinobi to wear a bright orange jumpsuit, but from the other Konoha 11 outfits in Part 1, being colorful is obviously not a problem at all. Look at Sakura’s bright red outfit and Ino’s purple clothes. Thus, Naruto’s colors help make him distinct rather than nonsensical while on a mission.

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Naruto’s outfit, as expected, is easy for him to move around with, nothing snagging or tearing as he performs incredible feats of taijutsu. Naruto’s outfit also includes his iconic Leaf Village headband and, of course, spiral shapes to hint at his mother’s native ninja clan.

5 Erza Scarlet’s Default Armor Looks Good (Fairy Tail)

Some members of the Fairy Tail guild have rather silly or fancy outfits, such as Evergreen’s Tinkerbell costume or Gray’s habit of stripping down to her underwear. Then there’s the mighty Erza Scarlet, an S-rank witch who’s always ready for a fight.

Erza has many outfits and armors, but by default she wears stylish and practical armor from the waist down. Next, she has a blue knee-length skirt with black knee-high boots, an outfit that helps her stand out without looking garish. It’s clearly very comfortable too.

4 Ichigo Kurosaki’s Bankai outfit is so cool (Bleach)

BleachThe star of , Ichigo Kurosaki, leads a double life and has a wardrobe to match. He wears school uniforms and cool street clothes outside of combat, and when he goes to Soul Society or Hueco Mundo to fight, he will be in his soul form and wear matching costumes.

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Whenever Ichigo activates his bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, his outfit transforms into a sleeker, cooler version of the standard Soul Reaper uniform. Ichigo’s signature bankai outfit features a tuxedo-like top half and a long black cape with a tattered hem, and best of all, he can move very easily in this outfit. His bankai is all about speed.

The young State Alchemist Edward Elric never wears an Amestris military uniform in the history of FMA: Fraternity. Instead, Edward chose his own shonen costume, starting with his black jacket, dark pants, and slightly oversized leather boots. He also sometimes wears white gloves.

Above all, Edward’s cool outfit includes his bright red coat, which makes him more visually distinct while sporting the Nicholas Flamel symbol on his back. This anime is all about arcane symbology, after all, from transmutation circles to ouroboros.

2 Goku’s Gi outfit is legendary (Dragon Ball Z)

Famous shonen hero Son Goku sometimes wears regular human clothing, just like Vegeta, but he won’t wear a Hawaiian shirt in battle. Instead, Goku is best known for carrying his school of turtles. im outfit, an orange and blue ensemble perfect for mortal combat.

by Goku im The outfit is almost like light armor at times, and it’s very easy and comfortable for this Saiyan hero to move around, which is essential. And of course, the bright colors and kanji patches on this outfit make it even more iconic and beloved by the anime community.

1 Katsuki Bakugo designed his costume wisely (My Hero Academia)

superhero anime my hero academia is packed with cool hero and villain costumes, as expected. Best costume belongs to Katsuki Bakugo, who had both aesthetics and function in mind when submitting his design sketches. This costume is easily one of the best in shonen.

Bakugo’s hero costume is aggressive and colorful, with black, green, and orange patterns all over and a cool face mask to match. This costume is easy to move around and even includes cool boots, and best of all, it features two grenade-shaped bracers that store Bakugo’s sweat fuel while boosting his Explosion Quirk – an amazing costume all around.

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