10 Best Hero Costumes In Isekai Anime, Ranked

Isekai is an unofficial Japanese anime genre, usually depicting a story where the hero teleports or is reborn in another world, such as a distant fantasy realm or even the world of a video game. Such an anime usually features a protagonist who needs to understand the rules of this new world, and these heroes and their allies tend to have cool weapons and outfits.

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Some isekai heroes simply wear the everyday clothes of their homeworld, such as the Sora/Shiro pair in No game no life, or they sometimes have quite bland, generic, or perhaps impractical clothes. Luckily, many other isekai tracks have cool and appropriate outfits that wow viewers time and time again. Many of them are also ripe for cosplay fun.

ten Rimuru Tempest’s outfit is subtly stylish (that time I got reincarnated as a slime)

Hero OP isekai Rimuru Tempest is compelling not because of his overwhelming powers and abilities, but because he’s a heroic optimist who welcomes monsters of all kinds to his new realm. Rimuru’s default body is blue slime, but after consuming Shizue Izawa, he acquired an androgynous human form.

In human form, Rimuru dresses in an outfit consisting of mostly blue clothes, but he also has a furry scarf, black pants, and dark blue boots, not to mention a sheathed sword. It’s not the most dazzling outfit ever, but it fits Rimuru well and is easy to move around.

9 Darkness can move well in his armor (Konosuba)

While Megumin the Blast Witch and Aqua wear outfits that are arguably too revealing for true fantasy adventures, the Darkness Crusader picked the best possible outfit for the job. She’s a defensive warrior who likes to get beat up by monsters, so it’s a good thing that her armor is high quality.

Darkness looks great in her crusader outfit, being well protected while looking charming and unique during her adventures with Kazuma. By the way, Darkness also looks great in her everyday clothes and even her frilly pink pajamas.

8 Subaru Natsuki volunteered as a butler (Re:Zero)

For the most part, the hapless isekai hero Subaru Natsuki wears his plain old tracksuit, which is nothing special. But for a time, Subaru was actually one of Isekai’s best-dressed heroes, having donned a butler’s uniform to help out at Roswaal’s estate.

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Subaru was grateful to Roswaal Mathers and sisters Ram and Rem for saving him, so he repaid them by working as a butler, from peeling potatoes to cleaning the bath and trimming hedges. He certainly beat his usual outfit, that’s for sure.

seven Senku Ishigami did his best to dress up (Dr. Stone)

Stone Age isekai hero and brilliant child scientist Senku Ishigami didn’t have the option of buying a new outfit from a tailor or even raiding someone’s clothesline. He woke up from the stone totally naked and he had to use natural resources to make clothes, shelters, tools, etc. He quickly got to work.

Senku crafted a neat outfit out of animal skins, a practical and reliable outfit to have in this primitive post-civilization future. Senku even made shoes to protect his feet from cuts or other dangers, and most importantly, he used his own blood to write the famous “E=mc2” on the jacket.

6 Ainz Ooal robe has awesome armor (Overlord)

Skeletal Overlord Ainz Ooal Gown normally wears cool villain robes in his stronghold, but when undertaking a quest in person he prefers to disguise his skeletal nature and impersonate a more ordinary adventurer. So he chose the perfect outfit for work.

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Ainz’s armor looks incredibly cool, from its shiny black plating and yellow highlights to the red cape and most importantly, the helmet that hides his skull. In this outfit, he can freely venture into the cities and not attract undue attention. And this armor seems pretty easy to move too.

5 Asmodeus Alice dresses neatly (Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun!)

Asmodeus Alice and her new friend, Azazel Ameri, don’t usually wear the official Babyls school uniform. Instead, they have their own much fancier outfits. Asmodeus Alice, in particular, looks her best in a white, black and gold ensemble. He and his succubus-like mother are both sharp dressers, actually.

Asmodeus wears a black shirt under a white vest, and over it he also wears an elegant off-white coat with gold trim, along with white boots which also have gold highlights. He can wear this outfit both at fancy dinner parties and on the battlefield.

4 Raphtalia’s practical outfit is also quite charming (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Raphalia the tanuki girl swore to become Naofumi’s sword, and she kept that promise. On the open roads of Melromarc, Raphtalia looks great in her outfit, which includes knee-high leather boots with laces, heavy-duty gloves, a light beige long-sleeved shirt and a jacket with a short skirt.

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This outfit gives Raphtalia some nice girly charm, but it’s also a practical ensemble that Raphtalia moves around easily in. After all, she has to stay light on her feet to punch Naofumi’s enemies, and her outfit never slows her down. Later, in the world of The Arc, she acquired a new outfit that made her look a bit like InuYasha.

3 Asuna Yuuki’s outfit is dazzling (Sword Art Online)

During the Aincrad story arc of Sword Art Online, Asuna Yuuki looked her best in her Knights of the Blood Oath guild uniform. Asuna’s attire included durable white boots, white leggings with red guild markings on them, a short red skirt, and even sleeves to cover her arms while leaving her hands bare.

Asuna’s outfit is also practical, allowing her to run and jump with ease in the midst of mortal combat. While Heathcliff relied on tank-like defenses, Asuna is always on the move in her sleek outfit, similar to Kirito himself.

2 Azusa Aizawa is an elegant witch (I’ve killed slimes)

Anime often portrays witches as kind and benevolent people who dress well, rather than don ragged black robes with cobwebs on them. Isekai heroine Azusa Aizawa’s witch outfit is colorful and charming, including this fun oversized hat.

Once anime fans get used to this giant hat, they can appreciate how beautiful Azusa’s outfit is. Not only is her hat endearing, but she also wears a white blouse with a dark blue skirt, practical leather boots, a black jacket, and more. Sometimes, though, she’ll take off that giant hat so fans can admire her long, sleek blonde hair.

1 Katarina Claes has an unbeatable wardrobe (My Next Life as a Villainess)

Katarina Claes is the cheerful and dense heroine of My next life as a villain, and as a daughter of a noble family, she has a huge wardrobe with many fancy outfits, like ball gowns. But Katarina is best known for her default outfit, which is arguably the classiest of them all.

Katarina’s primary outfit includes knee-high leather boots, white gloves, and a fancy blue and white dress complete with a large blue ribbon in her hair, likely to match her sky blue eyes. Katrina never fails to be the best dressed girl in the room with this outfit.

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